Think I got a token addiction

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I like photography and cycling, so most of my posts are on these topics. When @vesytz show me @actifit and the way to earn steem and AFIT tokens by posting reports for that I'm doing every day( cycling, walking, shooting), I went deep there.

Become addicted


Then the games come. I try Magic dice earn some, but in the end, I finish with negative 30 seem and stop playing. Now this project is closed.

Drugwars was good at the beginning, I returned my losses from MD and get some extra steem, after that game changed and now I earn only future tokens. At the moment you can exchange 1157 FUTURE for 1 STEEM so I think to hold them, hope price increase someday. edit: Just transfer all of my future tokens from Obyte wallet to the game. There will be airdrop conversion next month link Thanks for the info @stefannikolov & @trayan


Next game in my list is Steem Monsters, which is the best steembase ( and not only )game in my opinion. A lot of potential and several ways to earn different tokens cards which are tradable. In one word - "AWESOME". I start playing a little late, but at the beginning of this year I invested about 100 steem in the game I bought a few beta starter packs, then some splinters card to upgrade the levels and here I'm in silver 2. Not how I expected but this is life. When dark energy comes I bought 3 orbs get some cool cards but I stop and move every DEC in my SE account. Collect lots of cards that I don't use them, so I intend to make some giveaways because I know how hard is the start with weak deck.

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Since SteemEngine opens I just watch and try to figure out which project should I trust and invest. Every day new tokens released and decision become harder and harder for me. I bought a few different, just like that to test the system.

Suddenly... BOOM! There are the tribes start to come

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First I read about #palnet . Then I saw in my SE account some pall Reward and then I made a research. Saw the other ones but still don't had extra steem to spend. Then the pal airdrop comes and last week #steemleo open the doors and send airdrop for pal holders. One to one. I interested in #steemleo and get 2 mega miners. I know it's small but I already mine 1 LEOtokens for 4 days. Think to buy more LEOMM.

As an actifiter SPORTS tokens grab my attention. I don't have an opportunity to invest and told one friend to make him steem account. I had one INV token from made the account and bought him 11k SPORTS , because he doesn't know how to do it. After a day in the network, he thought it's very complicated for him to curate in sportalsocial and want to quit, so I offer him the buy his account. People are lazy, everyone wants easy and fast money.

Then I Invest another 11k and now I have dolphin acc with 22k SPORT. Hope this will be an awesome project, everyone talks about sport. Will curate a lot :)

Now steem drop as $ price and I wonder, where to invest. Hope you guys help me with some guidance.

Which token will be successful and which will have more potential ?



a new addiction for steemians time to start collecting them all

Everything what we can 😀👍

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Drugwars left future and migrate back to steem and steem engine. Чудя се как да прехвърля афит токени там?? Че имам доста.

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Не видя ли последния пост на @actifit - Скоро :) А това за Drugwars не го знам дай повече инфо ...

Ще има airdrop базиеан на Future token. Пуснаха го преди няколко дни. Поне аз така го разбрах :)

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Интересно колко ли ще е лимита за прехвърляне на AFIT към Steem-Engine :)
Да има да захлебим пък....

Има хора с по 2 милиона AFIT ако тръгнат да продават ще стане $0,0000000001 . Определено трябва да има лимит на ден


Да новите токени на DrugWars ще са на Steem-Engine и ще се казват DrugDollars :)
Ако си имал FUTURE на Оbyte wallet-a е добре преди airdrop-a да си ги върнеш обратно в портфейла на играта :)

веднага ги ги връщам :)

използвай този горния ти адрес, че доста хора се объркваха да пращат на долния...

Deposit to your dedicated address
Here is your dedicated deposit Obyte address:

Аз пратих на долни обайт акаунта ми е публичен и е вързан със стеем акаунта и сега ми пише пендинг не би трябвало да има проблем след като мине транзакцията ще ги получа . Благодаря за инфото :) едит. Готово получих си ги


Those all tokens are free money but create Much confusion also.

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@outlinez яко зарибявка човече :)
жалко, че последните години харчих всичко крипто, и може да се каже, че така живеех :) т.е. нямах да инвестирам и никога не вкарвал кеш...
само време и търпение...
сега STEEM ми е 1-вия HODL :)
иначе направо ми се завива свят от всичките тези токени... но определено е интересно откъм възможности!