2% left. Only 16k packs remain... Is today the day?

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Ok, even though it's a terrible market these packs are still flying off the shelf. It's 8k packs already today and we've been averaging 3-5k for the last few days. But I think this is really it. We're down to the wire. If you wanted to buy packs before they ran out I think you're gonna want to get in here now.

Really guys. Last chance!

Many blessings of gold foil legendaries and 3 cheers for the end of the edition. Personally. I'm getting pretty excited for prices now that they aren't tethered by new pack sales. Should be fun!!!

UNTAMED is after Beta. There will be a transition period where we'll pre-sell UNTAMED tokens but not actually release the cards. It's too early to know exactly how long it'll be. I'm guessing 1-2 months, with a non zero chance it spills into the 3-4 month zone.

In the mean time you can still get beta starter packs and as always you'll be able to get cards off the market. You'll likely also be able to buy betas from other players. Just don't expect to pick them up for $2.

Very exciting times!!!

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As the next steemfest nears, you and @yabapmatt have smashed it within the year! Great longevity this game has.

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Sweet hopefully we start seeing more activity in the rental market!!

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Is there a link to this. Geez I feel so behind but this sparked my interest. Not saying I'll be up for playing yet but shit I wanna buy some anyways.

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Click here to get involved :)

So simple. Thank you very much. I appreciate you.

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No one is complaining. Read and you wouldnt look stupid. I just want a link so I can buy some. I havent had the chance to get into this game and want to buy some. I dont understand your issue?

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@aggroed please explain this bullshit right here I'm not understanding. Am I not allowed to play this game? Did I do something wrong by asking for a link? Also who the fuck is this stupid person. Because right now, I'm starting to get really mad.

I dont know what that means speak fucking english. Not everyone is fluent is marketing steem language. This is my social media. I'm not here to "rape reward pools" or whatever that even mean, I wanted a link or direction on how to buy the cards. That's it. Not your allegations. Which I will get the higher people involved if it keeps on. This is harrassment. All I wanted to do was buy cards. Like the picture said I could. I'm a simple person, I dont care about reward pools and all that. I've never played. I wanted to, but now I'm so scared to because of how you treated me its ridiculous

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damn boy... time went fast, or should I say congratz? :))

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Aggroed delegates to @steemcleaners. That is some information about @steemcleaners.

I'm predicting a US$4 million marketcap a month from now. Currently US$3.33 million.

@remind-me in a month

Hey @mattclarke, I will notify you on November 7th 2019, 12:00:00 pm (UTC)
Later! ( read more... )

that is cool!

Works too. We got over the 4 million mark only a couple of days later; but bled off a little since then. 3.9, still good :)

Hi @mattclarke!
You asked me in this comment to create a reminder.
It seems the time has passed!

that is very certain

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spam is not cool

I apologize if my protest is offensive to you but I do not feel that #rewardpoolrape and abuse are cool. I earned about 3 cents or less per post and was repeatedly attacked over and over and over again many many many times for too much earnings.

Look how much they earn per spammy post.

The extreme vast majority of of my 12,000 posts have not been spammy. I think people should know about the #abuse of @steemcleaners who has flagged me for earnings that are on average apparently about 10% of what they make per spam post.

I do understand you, why don't we talk about your standpoint?

Go to Planet Discord and get a spot on MSP Waves and we will discuss your standpoint.

Is there a way to record the discussion on MSP Waves?