An apology (in Canadian) to the non-Splinterlands community and former players on achieving a $4M marketcap

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Satirically Yours was able to catch up with @aggroed one of the founders of the Splinterlands game. He's listed on the site as CFO, so we came in ready to talk finance!

SY: Aggroed, well it seems like your game is doing well and you're experiencing some success can you give us a sense of the numbers?

aggy: Numbers? What numbers? something seems wrong

SY: Maybe something financial... You are CFO?

aggy: Oh, that's an easy mistake. You must be thinking of that of finance, but no, I'm actually the Chief Fomotion Officer. Everybody does that though... aggroed starts crying a little.

SY: Oh, well, hmmm, these next 30 questions don't make much sense... Well, umm, how's fomo going?

aggy: horribly... I've failed. I've failed Steem, Splinterlands, my family, but mostly I feel like I've failed the people who sold their cards. It hurts. I'm such a letdown. aggroed is now crying like a punk ass

SY: Wow, from all reports things are going well. One the players handed me a chart that the bot in discord makes with the $marketcap command that shows the Splinterlands marketcap hit $4M today. You would think that's a record accomplishment and something to be stoked about. Why are you crying?

aggy: Think of all the people that sold their cards... What were they thinking??? Look at this insane growth that they missed out on. Look, they probably sold their cards and bought altcoins with it... Now look at their portfolio. Look what happened on my watch!!! aggroed starts sobbing

SY: Wow, I didn't realize you took this so hard.... should we cut the interview? SY looks at the cameraman and gestures to make sure he keeps rolling footage

aggy: No, let them see me wallow in this...

SY: Well, normally we don't like to play devil's advocate here, but aren't all these people free to make whatever choice they want?

aggy: yes, of course, but I had one job! ONE JOB!!! That's to help people find this game and realize all that it has to offer. My goal is to bring people into a crypto project where they can buy, trade, rent and battle. They can earn passively through renting, or actively through daily quests, through season rewards, through the $60k in tournaments that we've given out, through contests, givaways, and even just flipping packs... but some people have never heard about the game, and some people even bought cards and sold them! SOLD THEM!!!! How could I let this happen...

SY: Well, isn't it a good thing that they sold them? I mean people should be coming in and out of the game freely, that's the spirit of crypto to be able to make choices about your finances and truly owning your money with keys rather than simply a custodial relationship like you have with passwords. This should be a good thing! Healthy trading is good.

aggy: Maybe in general, but for me I've failed. I've failed you and I'm sorry (spoken in canadian). To the players that never heard of the game despite all my efforts I'm sorry, to the players that just bought a little I'm sorry, to the players that are only finding out about us now I'm sorry.... But mostly, to the players who bought collections and sold them off I'm sorriest of all for you. I'm sorry you didn't get to celebrate with us on this glorious day because you sold your collection and missed this epic moment. I did the best I could for you, and I'm sorry I let you down... aggroed starts dying his hair and turns on emo rock

SY: well, we'll film a breakdown, but emo is even excessive for us... That's all for now folks... You heard it straight from the Chief Fomotion Officer "I'm sorry (Canadian) you didn't buy Splinterlands cards!"

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I just checked the market cap after being busy with other stuff for the last 10 days and was astounded to see the market cap over $4M and my card value up ~30%.

I just wish I had more time to actually play!

Best time to invest it always yesterday.. Don't fight the trend, embrace it!

Aggro where in Canada you from>? Ontario>?

This thing flies.

I'm having a goosebumps while reading and right now after reading this..

We all are sorry, for those who haven't been here or left.

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I sold my GF Angel of Light to buy steem. (My first GFL That I opened)

Sorry, but I had to let you know.

on another note the other 3 GFL that I have pulled somehow I have used to upgrade my deck :D

And I love the game, and I am becoming to love it more every day.

Keep up the good work ! and congratulations on 4 Mil !!!

As a Canadian I accept your sincere apology, and waive the 6 months of hard labor in a chain-gang that comes with saying you're sorry if you don't mean it. Say sorry insincerely and you'll spend 7 nights and 6 days with a family of polar bears in an abandoned igloo that someone couldn't pay the mortgage on.

As a Canadian, please tell me about the exact gender of the polar bears ;)

your choice, if it matters to you lol