State of Splinterlands November 2019

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I (@aggroed) go through various charts to see how the game is progressing. Short answer: really effin' good. New all time high for games played in a single day, most accounts interacting in a day, marketcap, and it's possible monthly volume will be the highest ever recorded!

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Nice. I'd be interested to see @jarvie do something similar with the rental market stats.
Always interesting to put some numbers on it.

That would be cool. My Splinterlands cards are now worth US$600. It’s jumped by US$50 in the last few days just from playing. Got another gold card in my daily quests too. What a game!

Now, I just need a way to onboard more people.

Its a beautiful thing :)
And we're only just getting started.

The economy behind DEC is very interesting

@aggroed appreciate the update on the state of the dapp.. I bought some untamed packs, looking forward to opening them soon.

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Cool, I'm one of those who joined a short time ago, and brought 3 other friend accounts to play too! My contribution.

Right on, dude. I've implemented my new strategy of buying "one pack per day" (currently "Orbs" until they run out). I'm glad that you explained that the income from my (and others') pack purchases is being used to fund the tournaments. That gives me a sense that I am helping fund the development of the game through my purchases (like an "ongoing" crowdfunding" effort), but one which ultimately gives a JUICY "ROI"... Keep it up!

Slight correction. Market fees fund that. So, there's a 5% market fee that splinterlands takes every sale that happens on the dex through our website. Matt and I put 100% of those market fees back into tournaments. Pack sales run the business including our salaries though money from pack sales absolutely is funding tournaments as well.

Thanks for clarifying. Well, the good news is that it seems that my (current) daily 2,400 DEC "Orbs" pack purchase (strategy described in my new series post :

seems to be making its way (directly or indirectly) to supporting the project, WHILE ALSO enabling me to leverage my DEC earnings for long-term gain. So it appears to be a win-win senario. Keep up the good work. This whole experience is TITilating on numerous levels...

I like the titilating part 😁

Thanks for the update! Always love watching these :)


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Thanks for the updates.

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My collection is currently worth $706.56 and this has been my best investment in the bear market. On top of that I have had fun playing the game too. Thank you for creating this amazing game/opportunity.

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