Steem Monsters - Draws and DEC Capture Rate

in #steemmonsterslast year (edited)

I had written a post when one of my Steem Monsters matches ended in a draw for the first time. Recently, a draw has happened to me again.

Battle results screen

Image source: screenshot from the results screen, from the battle replay on

And it was for the same reason as the other time. Because both my opponent and I had Haunted Spirits that kept healing back to full health without anyone managing to win, until all Monsters became fatigued and died.

I entered the above screenshot in the "Show Off Your Battle" contest by @zaku (here is my comment with a more detailed summary of the battle), and was alerted that draws may be bad if they cost DEC capture rate. I'm not sure if they cost capture rate or not, as I hadn't been keeping track of my capture rate to see whether it got reduced after the draw or not. I had thought draws were unusual and it was somewhat funny when they happened, but if they really cost capture rate, they can be a bit frustrating. Neither winning or losing anything, besides having to put up with a very long battle (if you decide to watch it until the end), and still having DEC capture rate reduced isn't very nice. It doesn't hinder me much because I still have a low rating and don't earn much DEC per battle, but it may be a problem for those who earn a lot. At least draws don't happen that often...

PS: speaking of DEC, the contest I mentioned is a DEC giveaway contest. The way to participate is to comment with a screenshot of one of your battles and tag someone who may also be interested in the contest. If you want to participate, the one ongoing as I write this post is here.

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