Sharing battles with the cocatrice

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Hi, I want to share some battles with the cocatrice card. This card is from the neutral Splinter, that is, we can use it with any Splinter if the rule allows it. I use it when it can attack from any position, for example in this battle.

I tried to increase his attack power with the summoner Daria Dragonscale but my enemy used the death summoner that reduced the attack power of all my monsters. However, I won the victory, the cocatrice did its job, giving some strikes to the enemies. The battle can see it in this link.

Another example of the use of cocatrice is in this battle, place it in the last position and resisted two enemy Feral Spirit attacks. I must say, in my humble opinion, the enemy played a little badly, he had to change the order of the second and third cards, although I sincerely believe that he still loses.

The full battle can be seen here:

This cocatrice card has its points in favor, one of them is that it spends little mana, has the ability to fly and is a neutral card, the disadvantage is that it has a short life.

I will try to use this card more frequently, it would be great to level it up, for now I will continue to experiment.





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