My season reward cards (31.01.2020)

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Hi friends,

Last season ended yesterday and this time I was able to reach Gold III which is a really good result for me. The last months were pretty tough and I had nearly no time at all to play @steemmonsters. Therefore I couldn't reach Gold anymore but I am glad I am finally back where I belong 😎


My cards


As a result of reaching Gold III I was granted 22 cards. The weird thing is that I could only reveal 12 cards (the ones you can see above). At first I was confused but then I realised that I've got some of the cards twice (or more than that). For example there were 2 "Sea Monster" cards which I hadn't seen right from the start. I still don't like this new way to reveal cards, it was more fun to turn around every card individually.

What do you think about this? Let me know in the comments 👇

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