Win a Splinterlands card or leased cards for 2 weeks πŸ™Œ

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Seems like I haven't done a giveaway in what feels like forever. A lot of Steemians are supporting me since such a long time and I really appreciate that 😊 So I want to give something back again.

This time I am giving away @steemmonsters cards because I think that most of you could use them.

  • Place 1: Exploding Dwarf & Gold Beetle Queen [Lease]

  • Place 2: Ettin Spearman & Imp Bowman [Lease]

  • Place 3: Furious Chicken [Lease] & Magma Troll [Lease]

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow me (Only for my Followers 😍)
  2. Comment with your Splinterlands username
    [Tag 1 Steem Monsters loving friend for 1 extra ticket]
  3. Resteem (optional but will bring you 2 extra tickets]

And that's it! Super easy, isn't it? The winners will be announced once this post pays out and the cards will be sent / leased (for 2 weeks) directly afterwards.

I wish all of you good luck and make sure to check out my Twitter too because there's a giveaway as well!

Have a nice day πŸ˜‰

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@wonderwop and I'm tagging @d00k13 🀞

I'll Resteem too


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Unfortunately only one person participated. Anyways, @wonderwop is the winner of the 1st prize, cards have been sent to you. Congrats!
Cards for place 2 & 3 remain with me, maybe they will be given away in another giveaway soon...



Thank you so much @btcsam πŸ™