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No @beeyou, you talk like low cap investor, who can't understand the future development. It is evident that you are governed by envy and greed. But if you lower your emotions and look wider, you will understand the obvious, in the crypto industry you will not be able to survive if there are hints of centralization. And if you are really worried about the development of monsters, understand that it will be impossible to grow to 100 million cap with this approach. Especially, if the solution to the problem is as pleasant as the increase in new active players. Solve the problem, take care of decentralization.

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The game is within the rights to adjust the matching algorithm and it’s not very different from previously not allowing intra-guild gameplay. Only change now is not allowing accounts owned by the same person or groups to not be matched, which many have asked for. It’s now allowing many more accounts to be matched.

Saying the game is no longer decentralized is a bit too extreme imo, but what do I know? I’m just greedy, low cap investor.

Go and screw people some more, and then go into discord and point the finger at others to take the attention away from yourself. That is the textbook and go to method of all the scum in society. "Look over there, it's not me who's stealing from you". You sure have taken a leaf from the best cheats and self promoters of this world.

But what I really miss the most from your compulsive liar mouth, is your community blog and crying comments where you would constantly spam the words "reward pool rapist" when it came to the whales of steem. Now you have your own reward pool to go rape with your circle jerk of protectors and cover upers. Go back to discord where you can bully people with your admin monopoly guild, get cover from all your body guards and sugar daddy's, and hide in the shadows with your "team".

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The decentralized game has no right to change the conditions for certain participants. The conditions that have been set for all guilds are decentralized approach! If by all General conditions the player must meet and not meet it is centralization. If the game has centralization, and you write everywhere and raised funds, as in a decentralized game. This is deliberate misleading of investors for the purpose of financial gain, in other words, financial fraud. Get acquainted ( And I didn't say that you're are low cap investor, I said you talk like low cap investor! And I didn't say you are greedy, I said: "It is evident that you are governed by envy and greed.".

Noted on your explanation above. The decentralization part isn’t the reason why I invested in the game but it is only fair that you stand by your reasons. I am sure the SM team will take your concerns into advisement.

The only thing you invested in, is your own personal mafia circle jerk. There's a real STINC in splinterlands - people like you treating this game as your own personal cashcow and then coming out here on the blockchain pretending to care about the "little people" with your speeches and PR are more than happy to play the little dictator and bully queen on discord where you hold your own military style kangaroo court hearings, and demand your way while hiding behind your body guards, but you suddenly get very shy in public.

beeyou and smloty are now friends.png

Absolutely hilarious! Talk and respond to the "cheats" you call out on discord, and ignore anything that relates to your own dirty laundry like the coward little discord bully that you are. Go and call all your body guards to come cover for you and save you from the "craziness"....