A new item in the Steem Monsters shop - my proposal

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Yesterday my friend the player had his next birthday. I wanted to give him a little gift for the game so that he could have a surprise. After a moment of thinking, I figured out what he would receive.

I prepared for him a special graphics referring to the style of the game. The graphics contained information about what I had given him.

However, in order to send him all these gifts, I had to do a lot of clicks and devote some time to it. Of course, the gift turned out to be right and the recipient satisfied (it's not the first time I've done something like this ;) ) So I thought:

Damn it, maybe there's something you can do about it?

The answer came quickly. What if there was a possibility to send such a gift from the game website? Click "shop", then "gifts" and we see this image:

After selecting the "purchase special gift" button we have access to the configuration of the gift.

In the settings, you can select:

  • who the gift is for,
  • what is to be included in a gift:
    ** how many booster packs,
    ** how much essence orbs,
    ** how much DEC.

You can also add a short message.
After choosing the payment method and paying the gift is automatically sent to the selected player. His account in the game displays a banner visible in the first image.

What do you think about Steem Monsters players and authors?



Great idea you should also Tag @nateaguila, @aggroed and @yabapmatt on this issue.
Did you created those menu designs by yourself?
Good work.

Thanks. The menu comes from the game side. I just adapted it a little bit to my needs 😉

It's a very good idea imo, @yabapmatt should take a look on this, he or anyone else of the SM crew.

Thanks :) It would be nice to have such a possibility.

Good idea! You are the best girlfriend Splinterlads😋

Thanks :)
What a compliment :D

Greetings, @cheer-up

Excelent idea!!!! I pray for @steemmonsters staff accept what you show to us!!! Wonderful!!!

Thank you and have a nice day!!!

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Thank you 😀 I would like them to at least see this post 😉

Seems like a good idea :)

I think so, too ;)

Definitely a cool idea!

Thanks 😀

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What an awesome idea @cheer-up ! You really should meesage @yabapmatt in discord about your idea, im sure he would implement it! Upped 100% and resteemed! #palnet #battle #steemace

Thanks, I'm glad to hear that 😀

Your welcome!!❤👌🙋

I agree!