Are You Making The Most Of Your Daily Quests?

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Hey Splinterlands Peeps

This is my first post using this interface so forgive me if it's not very polished, I'm still figuring things out, read a post about this is where its at to talk all things splinterlands and I was hoping not to annoy my following with my steem monster talk lol. You know how some people get? Right?

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Daily Quests

So I have to admit its been ages since I bought new cards, perhaps the occasional summoner when things get too hard to complete my daily quests but other than that I like to earn my way in the game as do many of you.

Daily quests were naturally the best way to do it and those reward cards are a motivation but now there's so much more to it. In addition to earning your DEC which im totally loving, only wish I could earn more but Im stuck in silver and gold league wish I could make moves up the ranks.

I recently discovered daily quest potions and I purchased one to take it for a test. Unfortunately, I purchased it only after completing today's quest so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how it works.

Have any of you been maximising your daily quests? How is it working for you? I mean if you buy the best option you're getting 25 cards for the price of 2500 DEC which is a bargain in my opinion.

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So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, simply comment "I am a Jessie."

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Haven't tried the potions yet. I'm trying to build the cards I need and all the focus is there. But maybe I'm missing out. Use the potions to get more cards and then doing some mambo jumbo and get the cards I want :)

I was also on that same buzz I like to try and complete my collection of new cards before I look at anything else but these quest potions really feel like a no brainer!

I can’t wait to try out my first one tomorrow

Thanks for being my first SPT upvote 😋

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Wish you a lot more :)


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What kind of splinterlands expert are you if you don’t use quest potions? I’m beginning to doubt your abilities

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I am absolutely not an expert. I am a swedish novis that Only rely at Luck.
To much complicated English to understand all rules. Think My account has 1050 points.
Poor old me.

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So If I Buy 2000dec for 2usd I get 20 cards next daily quest? If I use 2000 dec and Buy that poision

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Yes if you buy the potion you will get 5 extra cards each day of the reward cards but not of the orb cards those you need to claim separately using orbs which is kind of a bummer lol I want those new cards

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have not tried it out although I have hear some people saying the quest portion helps al ot in accumulating quest reward card. Helping to rise it to 15-20 quest card daily.

I think I would pay attention to this game more if it had the mobile app! So waiting for it to launch will be a game changer

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LOL note to self posting directly on Splintertalk doesn't bypass Steemit, FML! I think it would be a solid feature to have though :P

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