My First Steem Booster Opening (100 Beta Packs), and an Epic Giveaway

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I always envied those with money for Games.

Then one day I became one of them. So I decided to try my luck at 100 beta booster packs with both Brilliant Legendary and Brilliant Alchemy Active.

My initial costs

One thing that I found extremely interesting was the fact that I could buy the beta booster packs cheaper on the Steem Engine exchange. To any new player looking to buy packs I would definitely recommend this Route. I would not even known about it if another player: @cryptoeater did not mention it.

Doing this allowed me to buy 100 booster packs for $1.73 each compared to the $2 on the website. Getting almost 15% discount on the price, which beats the 7.5% bonus even at a 500 Pack purchase.

I also paid about $45 for the DEC needed to activate both Brilliant Alchemy and Brilliant Legendary potions, bringing my total investment up to $221.

I reasoned that if I will open 100 booster packs It would be best to have both Potions active, as they "Stack". Which improves my per card odds.

I am sure I would be able to drop that price even more, but I was starting to get impatient.

Going forward I will try and get the boosters slightly cheaper while also trying to earn my DEC in Tournaments or regular play. I really only want to sell excess Gold Cards and try and grow my collection for now.

So before I started to open packs my Peak Monsters Account was valued at:
$ 20.07

I am still young I know, or at least I was.

So lets get started,

My very First Booster pack actually gave me a Prince Rennyn, So immediately I am $12 closer to having my investment returned. But lets not Jynx it.

The rest of the opening went extremely well.

The Holy Grail

My best card opened by far was a Gold Legendary Summoner:
Foil Valnamor.png

Now I could essentially try and sell just that card and pay for this whole venture of mine, but then I saw the Circulating supply and grew territorial... I will probably not open another one of these any time soon, Even though I never really cared about foil cards in Magic. I would rather have 4 Normals than 1 Foil. But I feel Steem Monsters will be a bit different.

Even if I really want one of those 2 star Promo Dragons... I feel that card will have eternal value on here.

Regardless, I will leave that on my wishlist for later.

Gold Cards

I opened the following Gold Cards

I also just noticed now, I really like the fact that Gold cards come already leveled. Which really helped me.

I opened the following Legendaries (Minus the Chromatic Dragon which I already Owned).

That brings my pack opening to:
Gold Legendaries opened: 1
Legendaries opened: 5
Gold Cards opened: 14

So after opening 100 booster packs, my peak monsters profile showed:

$ 458.83 using List Prices // $ 282.93 using Bids Prices // $ 390.56 using Market Prices // 137,085 DEC

This seems to have been a really good opening, especially considering that many cards might increase in value. I will also be able to perform much better since my cards will be more leveled for my league.

In the future I will change my opening formats up a bit, maybe even do some video, but its 6 in the morning, I actually started waking up at 5 this morning wanting to do this.

And Finally, the giveaway,

I had a really great opening, but my collection is still quite limited, so I cannot go too wild with giveaways just yet.

In order to be eligible, Just reply with: I want that card and give your Steem Monsters Username.
I will do the Draw in 24 hours from time of post.

The card I am giving away is:

I hope to do some more pack openings as well as givaways in the future.

For the rest of the day I am grinding away the last day of the season for hopefully some better rewards.
Maybe Diamond?? One can hope...

Interested in Crypto Gaming content? Especially focused on Investing / Earning, consider following me.

Enjoy the Weekend, Cryptic Gamer


Nice pull. Almost as good as mine 11 days ago (see here) ;0)

I did miss out on that legendary summoner, though (drooling all over it, lol)

Hey, I am definitely checking it out, I love opening boosters, If I am really fortunate, I win a local competition I will invest properly in here. I will invest in some low circulating promo cards. And maybe do one or more pack openings, But for that I need to do really well in other areas first.

But who knows, Maybe I can do a 100 booster opening once a month. Beats paying for a lot of Magic Cards.

I don't know what Magic cards cost. Must be a lot if they are more expensive than SM ;0)

Nice pull.
Miss the train (giveaway).
Waiting for next.

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Great collection you got there buddy! Not bad!

I want that card! My SM username is same as my handle here: @andywong31

You will have some good odds of receiving it. Perhaps you go by unchallenged. This is 24 hours.

Hey, Unfortunately the Randomizer did not favour you as much as I do, but I am sure you will get lucky in future.

its okay man! all's fair in love and war they say! haha yeah maybe ill get lucky in the future!

Great collection, you are rocking it
I want that card, My username is the same as my handle: @sanjeev021

Hey, Congrads, You were the lucky recipient generated by the randomizer.

I have sent your gift. Keep an eye on my wall for more Giveaways and other potential earning strategies in the gaming sector.