My First Week Playing Steem Monsters went really well.

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Just ending off a really great week.

Because of my success in Prospectors, I decided to start investing some of my gains back into other Crypto Games, and somehow that led me to Steem Monsters as my fourth and final game.

I have been at it for about a week and I really wish that I could have been here earlier.

After playing for about 4 days I decided to take a leap, and invested in 100 Beta Booster Packs.

At the time I did not know but I was really lucky as I pulled a Gold Legendary Summoner, So that helped.

Foil Valnamor.png

Having some leveled Beta cards, I pushed myself into Gold League 1 and things have been hard there.

Over the next 2 weeks I will try and push for Diamond League. I know my cards will not be good enough for Diamond yet, but I know I can touch it, so I can get its season Reward.

Currently my Steem Monsters Capture Rate is on 11%, So I am letting it cool a bit. I want to stabalise it around 80 and only play for my daily rewards.

For the first while I was just pushing time to see how some players play and think. Learning.

If things with Prospectors go well enough, I will try my luck with 100 Orbs as well. Mainly because I want to extend my options some more.

I am really looking forward to becoming one of the best players on Steem Monsters. This is also a rather long term venture.

I will also touch on some of my other Crypto Game earners in the future and do some giveaways.

Looking forward to the future of Steem Monsters. I am fine if it takes me a year to work back my investments here. In a year Steem Monsters could afterall be the game that carries me forward when the others dried out.

Will catch up later this week.
Hope you all had a great Sunday.


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