Beta Packs Are Running Out!

in steemmonsters •  10 months ago 

At this moment there are only 35868 beta packs remaining. This is huge as the betas sell out the value should increase. With that in mind I decided to buy 5 packs since I want to level up cards before it gets too expensive to do.

First pack $0.35 ROI -$1.65


Second $0.54 ROI -$1.46


Third $2.05 ROI $0.05


Fourth $0.64 ROI -$1.36


Fifth $2.22 ROI 0.22


As you can see the ROI on the five packs was negative, but if history repeats it self and these appreciate like the alpha cards I would expect my loses on this set to be minimal.

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I have mostly Alpha Cards and I am not disappointed..........

I think that history should repeat itself and we should see a decent rise in Beta prices shortly.

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I bought about 16 packs the other day. I am going to sit on them until after all of the beta packs are gone. Then I will either try to sell them if possible or open them and see what I got. I doubt I got anything super exciting. It will be more of a surprise when there is no chance of buying any more though.