Splinterlands 3% of Beta Packs Left

in steemmonsters •  9 months ago 

Scrolling through my feed this morning I ran across a post by @travelgirl that showed only 3% of beta packs are remaining. This kicked in my FOMO so I bought 5 more packs.

Overall, the packs were pretty good. Nothing amazing, but I did manage to score a gold foil and an epic card. The ROI was negative, but as @travelgirl remainder me as these cards sell out the value should increase.






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Nice golden medusa @cryptictruth 😉 it's funny that you bought the packs just because it will be sold out soon. I was a bit tempted to buy it too.. but I didn't 😆 my silver deck is quite complete and I don't think I'll level it up again...

Anyway.. you got really nice neutral cards which will be really useful and pricey soon