Test Message On New Tokens (Palnet and SPT tokens)

in #steemmonsterslast year

NOTE: Please read the comments if you are interested as I will post the results of the post when I find out what actually happens. Sometimes its easier to just "do" something and learn, than to try and read tons of instructions that may or may not be right.

I recently found out about the New Tokens that can be earned through Palnet.io and SPT (Splinterlands)... From my understanding you can get more tokens by using the following tags on your posts (if I have it wrong, please correct me).

spt ......for Splinterlands (aka Steem Monsters)

palnet ...... for palnet.io (aka minnowsupport.org)

I am going to use the tags to see what happens, but wanted to let others know about this. If its correct, then we all will probably want to learn more. ;)

ps... you can claim your own free Palnet tokens by going to steem-engine.org and clicking on the button on the upper left and claiming them! (if you want to grow them, use the tags and stake your tokens too to help your friend)


I have a small amount staked...
So my upvote may help a tiny bit. I think it may take 1000 plus to actually swing the needle and start accumulating PAL. I suspect you wont get much curation either until there is 1000 PalPower behind it too.

But looking forward to seeing the results. To me, these nth layers of tokens is funny to me.

But good for an experiment and I am curious to see how it all goes!!

Yeah, I've been waiting for the aggster to put together some tokens for the peeps to trade and enjoy. I can't honestly think of a better group of people to run something like this. Cuz he's got all the best people on the job, with experience in the platform to boot. So who knows, eh?

found out where to log in: https://www.splintertalk.io/@davemccoy

and thanks @the.big.bang... I love to watch these type of new things evolve, so now I can be fascinated for awhile ;)

It looks like it's working for you. I see the rewards at 23 PAL as of now.

yes it did work! Just make sure to use the SPT tag only when talking about the splinterlands and not regular posts! (I wasn't clear in my post)... And I think the PALNET tag is more general but I'm sure they will have some rules at some point!

So....yer saying that if I make a monster post, then I'd put the palnet and the spt tag in, and get double rewards? I'm not sure I understand the spt token yet. Is that a separate posting platform as well? And if so....brilliant, I say!

I really have been out of the loop for awhile! I gotta catch up. Sheesh.

yes, exactly @littlescribe... and no worries, I just found out a day before you, so you are still early ;)


I think the first #palnet pay-outs will be in a couple of days, not sure if they have been out for 7 days yet or not. It was 3 days ago that I made my alt account's post, not going to get much cause it is a tiny account for now, but wanted to see if the additional coin would off-set the 50/50 reward system.

you know way more than me @bashadow, because I just found out about this last night... But I do like the concept and could get interesting if we see these communities spring up! Glad to know you are ahead of me, make sure to give us any pointers if you see them ;)

on palnet.io

on splintertalk.io

I love shiny new toys :)

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