Steemmonsters and I

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One of the Steemfest "side effect" I am "suffering" now is PLAYING STEEMMONSTERS. 🤣😂😅 And I am not the only one being infected. Together with me is @littlenewthings. And thanks to @khimgoh for being so patient with us. And our SF4 WhatsApp group has now officially turns into SM group... @kaerpediem seems to be immuned but she is trying to get her son infected... 🤣


After SF4, I started to invest some of my Steem into upgrading my cards. Ya... Upgraded 3 of my summoners.


Alpha summoners are more expensive. But if we are playig, it is a necessity to have higher level summoners. Then we will need to upgrade our monsters as well. The higher level our cards the higher we can climb up the league.

Before this, The highest I have ever achieved was when SM just started, I played till Bronze I. And that was just one time only where I guess not many playing back then. And then when more and more players playing, I was always at Bronze III, with just the minimum rating of 100. Just barely enough to get the 5 cards at the end of the season.

With the upgrade of my Fire, Earth and Water summoners, I manage to climb to Silver III. And I am trying hard to go up higher in the league. We still have 5 more days before the season ends. I hope I can go up to Silver II and maybe reach Silver I. 💪💪💪

I still have a lot a lot to learn. And hopefully this game will be a great investment and ultimately become one of my source to fund my SF5 trip. @khimgoh, @travelgirl... you two are awesome players that I know... and I hope you won't find me annoying and disturbing. You two can be my sensei now. 😎😁👌

I am trying my best to finish one daily quest every day. Yup. This has become my new additional goal in my Steem journey.



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It's a great game, feels different that it's a blockchain game! And a great investment too.

Hopefully I can master it and enjoy the FUN in both playing and investing... 😁

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Not sure what happened to your latest payout, but sending you a tipu should help a little. Hopefully I don't lose too much.

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Thank you. Well... I can't control even though I would love to... still thankful with whatever I am receiving now...

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I feel you, Lol. ^^


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I have no idea what you're talking about .....

Uhm... It's hard to say if you are not infected... 😅

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hahaha. So far I don't even have any levelled up summoners. Just managed to get one yesterday from the market with a 3% cashback (yay!)
But the peakmonsters bidding is cumbersome when Steem value is dropping like stone (although it went up again I think because of BTC's revival)

I'll try to get some upgrades here and there and see if I am allowed to be in the guild later; but so far, I used $6 USD real cash for 3 untamed packs thanks to the remaining SGD balance I remembered having in my paypal. It really sucks when MYR cannot be converted in USD. No one wants MYR anymore. 💔

I have not buy any of the untamed pack... maybe I should...

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As long as you have surplus that you can afford to lose.

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