The Competition is Heating Up in "Splinterlands"...

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The player base grows in the community of "Splinterlands". And with it, the competition too. Damn, if I've tried for ages to push through to that 4,000 league point barrier but it just won't budge. Even the missus is way ahead of me, climbing the ladder like it's a damn escalator running turned up to warp factor 9. Frustrating as hell, but also strangely calming at the same time...


Why is that? Because I actually give a fuck! Earning tokens, entering tournaments and buying cards, is addictive and fun as hell. Safe to say, I'm in the thick of it. And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels this way. That's why it's getting so hard out there on the basttlefield. The skill level of players is going up and the token pool of DEC receding down. A nice little combo if you're an investor in this game.

And I am. Maybe not the biggest out there, but I've got a decent stack of cards and DEC. I was hording like a bitch on heat when I first got the "bug" for this game and saw the potential in it. Looks like I backed a winner as things are looking better than ever for "Splinterlands". Rising market caps and continuous development being only a few reasons as to why I'm so bullish on the project.

And this is at 20 cent STEEM. Imagine when the turnaround in price kicks in. Bigger prize pools on offer, even more and faster development as well as an even bigger incentive for external card players to come check out our game. So yeah, even though I'm getting my ass handed to me over and over again, it just shows the level of commitment and dedication the "Splinterlands" community have to increasing their ranking and reward capacity.

Meanwhile on a personal tip, I'm gonna focus on improving my game. I'm determined too. It's not fun being mocked by your wife for being a second rate player, even if it is only in jest. The "Neanderthal" in me cannot be insulted. No, the beast within is about to be unleashed upon the blood-soaked lands. Well, that's the vision anyways. See you on the battlegrounds! :)


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I have been finding myself struggling as well as my daily quests have been horrible grinds sacrificing DEC for Reward Edition Cards and Scrolls! I also trying to buy more but this Steem price is holding me back as I do not let go of my Steem at these prices!

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Man, I echo your sentiments literally to the letter. I lost 300 league points today. Yeah, the frustration is real!

I need a tutorial about how to play that...I'm a "super noob" in SM! 😰

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Best way to learn is through simply playing the game and seeing what works and doesn't :)

I sometimes find a good strategy but people adapt fast, so you have to keep thinking of new ways to win. I'm not that good and it can be a real grind sometimes. The last few days of a league are easier, as the good players are in higher levels. The first few days are much harder and it can take a long time to do my daily quest. I wish I had started playing earlier. I had a bad Clash of Clans addiction and was in fear that history would repeat it self.

Lol, it's easy to fall under the same spell with Splinterlands. Although the amount of "great" players is rising by the day. I'm far off that mark for now...

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