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My initial plan was to create another Steemmonsters account for my duplicate cards and hopefully get another account going which is able to play Gold or so.

After realizing I don`t have the summoners to support this I abandoned my plan for now.

I have put quite a bit of funds into my collection and while I have taking some extended breaks the bug bite me again and I the last month I was playing quite a bit.

With my new account I want to start a small experiment and see if and how fast you can climb the ranks and make your 10$ back you need to put in at first.

I will do the dailies to get some more cards and save up the DEC I get on the way. As you see this is not this much and the fire quest was kind of annoying.

I will only use cards I get through the dailies or I am able to buy through DEC but I assume this will all go towards summoners.

I am not sure which one yet though and it might depend which cards I will pick up from the quests.

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Ahhh another starter pack only challenge starts. I did this, and ran mine up to level 3 summoners before I gave up. I did it under @senstlessmonster, I hope you can do better than I did! @welshstacker is right, Water crushes until mid Gold Leagues.

I was thinking about that it will become a huge grind at some point but as long as it takes not too much time and nerves I am still looking forward to it.

I might consider trading with my main account as long as the dollar value is the same

If I had to start again, I'd concentrate on WATER splinter. Good tank with spine back turtle, magic attack with sea genie is strong and never misses. Plus pirate archer gives blast. You can get all these very cheap and/or daily quests.

Be good to see how you get on with this. I'll keep my eye out for you

Will try to get lucky and probably try to work with the market and try to focus on 2 colors so the dailies become easier.


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