Close to Diamond League, but not there!

in #steemmonsterslast year

Last season, I was about to finish in the Diamond III league, but I reached some battles with mixed results and that broke my good streak of wins and I became frustrated, so I stopped playing, even though I was closer than 100 points of Diamond III.

I didn't actually plan on reaching Diamond leagues when the season started, maybe that influenced my decision to stop. My goal was Gold I and I reached it. Let's see if I can do better this season, setting the goal to Diamond III league.

There's one thing I ignored for a long time of playing Steem Monsters, since the DEC were introduced. I ignored the ECR (Energy Capture Rate). I mean, my only concern was that it doesn't go too low while playing, because that will give me less DEC with every win. But at the same time, I ignored the fact that having ECR at 100% means I lose! Just like the voting power. How could have I missed that? Well, now I'm trying to make sure my ECR is below 100% at all times... hopefully.

Here's the best screen of rewards I received this season: