SteemMonsters sells out of Beta packs, next edition coming soon!

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In my adult life, no game has captivated me as much as Steem Monsters! It gives me the nostalgia of playing Magic the Gathering when I was in high school. It is an incredibly well thought out strategy card game, and uses the Steem blockchain.

The team behind SteemMonsters is beyond impressive, as they continue to build upon the game in some incredible ways. The new edition will be coming out soon, as all 900,000 beta packs have been sold. Amazing!

If you have not checked out the best game of 2019, here is the link

See you on the battlefield!

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I have also been captivated by this game like no other. It's an amazing game and the selling out of Beta packs is an amazing milestone. Thank you again for introducing me to this wonderful game.

You are very welcome! I am happy to see it doing so well!