Trials and Tribulations Of A Steem Monster Procrastinator

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No Idea What To Do Anymore

Ha, ha, ha. Well that's a misleading title as it implies at one point I did know what to do but I don't think I ever really have. But nowadays there are so many options my head's in a spin.

Problem is I keep changing my mind.



One minute I think I'll consolidate my accounts but then I go to play and find I'm well out ranked by the teams playing in my league so I use one of my lower ones and think I'll keep it for just a bit longer.

Then I decide I'll just do the daily quest but, for the reason above, that's not always possible. In fact, with my main account I have been unable to win a DQ for 4 days! 😱

So then I think I'll just play for the DEC and notice that I earn so much less with the lower account so I go back to thinking it would be better to consolidate my accounts.

Then I consider that I have so many "missing" cards now that it will get harder and harder to be competitive so maybe I should just rent out the ones I have.

But then they don't seem to be of a high enough level so maybe I should buy some more.

However, the last time I bought 100 packs in the anniversary special I lost $50. Athough, since the price of cards has risen since then the loss would be less.

So, you see, it's a bloody nightmare in my head. All these options have just brought more confusion for me which of course is not the fault of Steem Monsters. Others seem to be doing quite nicely "thank you very much".

And these are not all of the options. Just the ones I've been considering and I haven't even mentioned tournaments! 😂

Feel free to offer any constructive suggestions! 😍

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Yup, lol. I'm with you. I'm constantly torn in 9 different directions.
Been focusing recently on buying up cheap alpha gold foil supports; which offer decent, mid-range abilities (without needing to combine too many cards), with low mana cost; in order to lease them out to newcomers down the track; people looking for a 20% bonus to their DEC haul.
Snapped up 10 Goblin Shamans. Combined them in to 5 x level 5, with Slow and Weaken.
At only 3 mana, they're easy to slot into a lot of Silver/gold league Red teams.
They cost between $2 and $5, probably a total spend of $30 to snap them all up.
If I can make 2c/day off each, that's 10c/day, $3/month.
That $30 will be paid back in a year or so (allowing for vacancies and cooldowns) and I'll still have the assets, which might each be earning 20c/day by then.

Have you had any success leasing these kinds of cards? I have been snapping up cheap gold beta's but haven't got an alpha to my name yet (I was a late starter).

The shamans I only just listed yesterday, but I've had a fair amount of success with the other cards I have listed. Passed $2/day overall. Probably $2.15 at the moment?
Its actually becoming my favourite aspect of the game.
Peakmonsters is fantastic. This is the first page I check when I fire up the pewter :)

Interesting, I wonder if there's a market for beta Golds around level 6. Can only give it a try.

I'm constantly torn in 9 different directions.

thank God I'm not the only one then. 😂

i like your buying/renting strategy @mattclarke. I'll have to take a closer look at your figures because, ultimately, that's what I want to do long term. I already have some dragons from the kickstarter that I never play but haven't gotten around to renting them yet. But then I'm not sure how useful they are at level 1. I have a Neb Seni for example but he seems to be only played at higher levels or in tournaments. See I just go round and round in circles! 😢

Although I did notice, when I was looking at cards stats the other day, that some seemed worth leveling up while others didn't. Like you example above. It's a case of taking the time to work out which ones those are.

Are you finding you're able to buy enough cards even with people using bots to buy them? Presumably so as that's what you're doing. 😂

Its hard to know what to look for. Ultimately we're all just guessing. If I was going to dump some more money in; I'd speculate on this girl.
She's only 1 mana to bring in, and at level 5, she does Cleanse and Swiftness, which are both great abilities (except swiftness in Reverse Speed).
If you have her, she's an easy choice to add to a White team.
She doesn't have much health, but she's melee, so won't get wrecked by magic reflect like so many other support cards, and she gets some armour when summoned by Tyrus.
For a $30, once off investment; you could buy and combine all 4, then lease her out for 3c/day.
Now that's 1000 days to pay back your purchase price, but as soon as those orbs run out new people are going to arrive and want to lease those cards. She could be pulling in 10-20c/day by the end of the year, and be worth 5 times what you paid for her.
Obviously your decisions are your own; but that's an insight into how I make my choices :)

That's intersting @mattclarke. She's rarely played at the lower levels where I am so I've not seen her much. Do you see her a lot in the higher leagues?

Thanks for the insight into how you think about these things. The promo cards (is this a promo card?) I see most often at the lower levels are armorsmith (although teams with him often lose), dwarven wizard and corrupted pegasus.

And that new common summoner.

There are just so many things to consider. It's all a bit much. Makes me want to bury my head in the sand and think about it another day, which is what I've been doing pretty much since I bought my first pack. 😂

I haven't seen her played much, but then its still fairly early days with these promo cards, so it takes a while for established players to level them up and start playing them.
I'm FOMOing pretty hard right now, tbh.

I'm FOMOing pretty hard right now, tbh.

Me too @mattclarke but my risk aversion is winning out at the moment. 😂

Hey @gillianpearce! I agree with @abh12345 that leveling up 2 to 3 summoners and focusing on those splinters is a good plan.

From my experience, summoners at level 6/7 with a strong supporting cast can do fairly up until the gold league. For diamond and higher, you need to work towards a maxed out splinter (and that takes time).

To me this is the most important information you can know:

What cards a summoner can call per summoner level:

For example, if your highest summoner is level 6 and you are buying cards from the market

  • only go up to level 3 for legendary
  • only go up to level 5 for epic
  • only go up to level 6 for rare
  • only go up to level 8 for common

If you win those cards, that is great, but make purchasing decisions based on the level of summoner for a particular splinter.

I'd want to be getting higher than Gold if I leveled up to 6 or 7 @sumatranate! 😂

I can usually get to Gold I with my main account which is Level 3 with 2 splinters at Level 4 and my Level 2 account is currently in Gold III. So to justify spending the money to go to 6/7 I'd want to be doing substantially better than that.

What level are your summoners these days? 😊

Lovin the use of emojis. Based on your levels it sounds like you are doing well.

I am currently at Diamond III and I try to play just enough games to win my daily rewards. If I am close to earning a new league reward, I will play a little more.

I am heavy on Earth (green splinter) and the dragons splinter:

  • Lyanna Natura - maxed
  • Xander Foxwood - Level 5
  • Prince Rennyn - Level 3 - I am not excited his stats changed recently
  • Selenia Sky - maxed
    -Daria Dragonscale - maxed

I have level 5 death splinter summoner, but I rent out this splinter on peakmonsters.

I have level 6 for the rest of the 3 mana summoners.

I have sold off all of my other 2 mana and 5 mana summoners as I was not willing to invest in them more to level them up. I sold them to buys cards I wanted/needed.

Wow. Sounds like you've got your strategy nailed down then. Similar to Asher's with your levels.

I haven't sold a single card yet although I have bought a few. 😂

When I start to fill in my missing cards I think I'll try and trade for them first. But right now I don't have a solid idea of what I actually hold. I'm in the process of consolidating accounts. When I got back from Steemfest I started a number of Level 1 accounts to earn the season end packs so I've been shutting those down.

Some days I get fed up with all, especially when caught playing against Level 5 and up summoners and then, like today, they seem to have disappeared and I can make some headway again.

Ultimately I'll probably go for the rental side of things. Passive income sounds good to me. 😁

@gillianpearce - Just for clarification, Peak Monsters gives you credit to use towards buying more cards. If there was another platform that let you rent for Steem/SBD I would jump to that quickly.

Once you consolidate your accounts, let me know and I will take a look at your cards again. Looks like Water and Life are you strongest splinters. Can your Selenia Sky upgrade up to level three with the extra cards you have? With that card, you should be able to summon any of the other cards you want.

One more tip, if I have high enough levels on my summoners to support a new monster level, I prioritize buying monster cards when I can level up to reach a new special ability.

If there was another platform that let you rent for Steem/SBD I would jump to that quickly.

I'm not sure what you man by this sentence.

Can you Selenia Sky upgrade up to level three with the extra cards you have?

I'm not sure off hand. Doesn't Daria do the same thing? I have more of those than Selenias, not surpsingly. 😁

Can you Selenia Sky upgrade up to level three with the extra cards you have?

Yeah. I only noticed a couple of days ago that some cards don't add any new abilities, even at Level 6. I just have to take them one day at a time and make choices as I go.

Thanks for the tips.

What level summoners are you using, and what splinters for each? As I mentioned it cost me over 100 STEEM to get just 2 Splinters from 4 to 5 (with all the monster upgrades to boot).

I can now get to around 2600 before I start getting problems with battles, though strategy wins out sometimes.

2600 gets me to Gold I, 32 cards for end of season and 7 cards per DQ. It's not bad but probably not worth the 100 STEEM if you are still at level 4.

I can see you are around 2100-2200 so probably at your limit for 4 (if that's what you are). if you are struggling to win battles, try 20 surrenders on the run to get your down into the 1900's.

It will be easier then and you don't go down in rankings once you have achieved them until the next season in terms of EOS and DQ rewards.

I am using Level 3 and 4 in my main account and I got to Gold I by the end of last season. Hopefully I will make it there again this season.

I find I can usually get to Gold II by the end of the first week and then Gold I on the last day. At least that's how it's been the last few seasons.

I have enough cards to level up 2 splinters in that account to Level 5 but was waiting to decide whether I want to keep a lower level account or not.

. . . Have just had a look at the stats and see that my main account averages 1129 DEC a day while my level 2 averages 385.

The Level 2 usually ends the season in Gold III though so that's 22 reward cards plus DQs of 4 on average. But then you have to factor in the time to play it. But it's nice to have when my main account is up against heavy hitters.

And around and around we go. 😂

What are you doing with all that DEC? Burning it for votes, hoarding it or buying Orbs?

I'm burning some for votes. 1000 DEC a day at present. The rest I am hoarding although I am tempted to buy some more packs and the potions to go with them.

Before I do that though I want to have more of an overall strategy in place. Last time I used to potions they didn't do me much good but they've worked for others.

It's more the buzz of opening the packs that I'm after which is why I'm not buying until I have more of an overall plan. 😂

The potions have been disappointing for me too, wont be wasting DEC on them again.

Buy your favourite 2/3 summoners up to level 6/7 and focus on these for the dailies. I only play 3 (no death no life) and it's rare that I get a daily asking for life or death - if so, i'll ignore it.

Also get Selenia leveled up for the season finale :)

Interesting perspective @abh12345. I wonder how much that would cost. More than my budget I'm guessing. 😂

I tried playing with my Level 2 Selenia this afternoon and lost most times! What level are you talking about leveling up to?

Are you playing in Diamond or Champion with your level 6/7s? Any idea of your average DEC per game?

And on a completely different note . . . hope you're enjoying some wonderful English summer days now. 😁

Max Selenia 🤑

Diamond 3 and DEC seems to be around 100-130 a game.

It's a beauty today, I'm at the pub 😁

It's a beauty today, I'm at the pub

There you go. That's more like it! 😁

And nice DEC too!

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