Do Alpha GFLS Need A Buff?

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^if you have no idea what the title of this blog means, I highly recommend that you skip this and instead read about 24 karat gold:

For the rest of you, I’m going to assume you know a little about @steemmonsters A.K.A Splinterlands.

From my title, I’m going to imagine a dialogue:

ME: “Do GFLS need a buff?”

EVERYONE ELSE: “ @goldmatters, you are only saying that because you have a bunch of GFLS.”

ME: “DUH!”


ME: “Yeah, duh. Why would I be so interested in a different investment that I did not make and advocate for something I did not spend my risk capital into? Of course I want the value to go up... I have whats called ‘skin in the game.’”


EVERYONE ELSE: “Well, we don’t really get why WE would care about GFLS since we invested in other cards in the game.”

ME: “You just said it. .... in the game. You are invested in the game right? You want the game to do well so the value of all our cards go up?

EVERYONE ELSE: “Well yeah, I guess.”

ME: “My idea is that GFLS, at least the alphas, have an automatically daily passive DEC dividend yield to improve the desire to own them. I don’t know if this is even possible technically, because I know nothing of these things, i mean i’m a gold guy, but I’m imagining if DEC can be distributed to players automatically through tournaments and such, there might be a way to set this up.


EVERYONE ELSE: “We still don’t see how that helps us @goldmatters.”

ME: “Well you see, my theory that as part of the marking strategy for this game, we can get some press attention if we have super high value transactions that bring us new players and benefit everyone. People seem to be fascinated by virtual items that sell for large amounts:

EVERYONE ELSE “But don’t GFLS already sell for high dollar amounts? Aren’t they the most expensive cards in the game?”

ME: “Sort of. You see, its a chicken and egg thing, the GFLS have zero liquidity because we are still growing and only have a few thousand players. Also, imo the GFLS alphas essentially got nerfed by the beta reprint. Remember the early days, where people were losing their minds spending thousands for GFLS and it was creating a ton of buzz? Thats what I want again.”


EVERYONE ELSE: “We still think you just want your cards to go up.”

ME: “You’re right! But just because it would benefit me, doesnt mean it doesnt benefit you. The more people we have in the game burning, combining, and buying all cards, the better for all of us.”

EVERYONE ELSE: “We totally get it now @goldmatters, we would love to add to your suggestion and improve upon it in discord “product suggestions.” Now that we are done talking about Splinterlands, can we talk Mene 24k again?


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I totally agree they need a buff! Being an "OG" SM affiliate/investor alpha cards are undoubtedly the best and most valuable. Aside from what you said (I too put this in product suggestions), you could even pay a small dividend based on which rarity of gold foil alpha you have. For example, the dividend could be paid based on BCX (quantities expressed in DEC)- Common: 1 | Rare: 4 | Epic: 20 | Legendary: 400. So if you had a GF alpha elemental phoenix, frost giant, naga warrior, and 2 BCX of rexxies- you would get 822 DEC per day/week/whatever period of time decided. Disclaimer: I own 0 GFL alphas and think @goldmatters idea is awesome.

Sounds great @goldfashioned! Thanks for doing the math so I don’t have to

Also while we're buffing stuff let's nerf double rules :)

From someone that has ZERO alpha GF cards, I think this is a great idea. The game needs some new impetuous and drive.

Simply being rewarded for holding cards would definitely make them more desirable and help the game grow.

It's a 👍 from me

Thanks @welshstacker ! I agree, I’m ready for some fireworks to light this thing up for all early adopters... which is all of us at this point :)

I could not agree more, I think alpha golds are going the way of dinosaur eggs really soon. Someone with some serious cash is going to gobble them up. I have been a rabid supporter of making gold foils more attractive to the game in general, and yes though the player base is not the ideal size for making these much more sought after the market has sent an undeniable message-people care about daily utilization for daily/season rewards about 99%, and the collectible factor between 0 and 1 percent. Full disclosure, 3/4 of my collection value is in gold cards, and I only own two different original alpha singles-with a few of the early promos that have the alpha look but are not 'actual' alpha cards. I think some kind of rule sets added could be beneficial... heck anything that moves the needle in the least bit towards getting them more involved in the everyday game, it certainly wouldn't take a lot, and I am not even asking for any more than a modest type of bump that would make these at least somewhat more appealing to the average player. Or at least make them consider dumping them on the market or even burning them for DEC without hesitation.

Agreed. Well said, thank you for your feedback!

With non fungible tokenization supposedly coming up (and the belief that individual cards will become their own tokens somehow allowing for unique boosts) maybe @yapabmatt could create a special class of boosts that could be applied only to GFLs

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Thats would be great!

Remember the early days, where people were losing their minds spending thousands for GFLS and it was creating a ton of buzz? Thats what I want again.”

You and me both ....

I actually like your suggestion and agree something needs to be done to increase the value of Legendary cards. They're suppose to be legendary after all and should command a Legendary price but I would be ticked off royally if the DEC gain didn't include BETA addition. I can see leaving out Rewards addition as they can be attained/won for free but BETA has already been kicked to the mud multiple times. ..... Please don't kick us some more.

A more fair way would be to give Alpha slightly higher DEC returns for holding Legendary cards over their Beta counterparts.

Thanks for your feedback @rentmoney :)

Great discussion! I am so very conservative, stuck on the mad some say... but I’d pay thousands for physical gold over gold foil cards anytime.

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Lol probably a good move @silversaver888 :)