Splinterlands Weekly Contest: Theme -- DEATH

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Hello Everyone !

So, here is another Steem Monster's post about the Death Splinter, Hope you like it.

SInce you all know that steem monster host a "SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE" every week. If you don't know then you can read about it here. And Finally yesterday I hit GOLD and I was so excited about it coz playing SILVER was much different than BRONZE. so, let's see what surprise I have in the GOLD league.

Here is the battle that needs your attention --> Battle Link
I checked that in all the past battles my opponent is using "FLESH GOLEM" as his tank and rest at the second position he is using either "WOOD NYMPH" or "GLOBLIN SORCERER" at the third position he always use the "JAVELIN THROWRER" and then "Brownie" or "Creeping Ooze" or "Cyclops" at the end.

Well, he could surprise me if he used "GLOBLIN MECH" with rest all magic and might my strategy didn't work that time. But I think I might be lucky or he might get a big surprise coz in the past battles I was using Water, Life, and Fire.
So, I just thought that whatever he uses at the second and the third doesn't gonna bother a lot coz he wasn't using the magic and I have used "CENTAUR" and the "TWISTER JESTER" so, I planned that if it was "NYMPH" or "JAVELIN" it'll be finished in a single attack. And I placed the "CHICKEN" at first so that it can take the big attack of 3 arrows from "JAVELIN" and since I have used "CREEPING OOZE" so I'll much time finish the second one and in the second round the third monster.
But I thinking that he's gonna use "SORCERER" so I thought that my back will last three attacks but since he neither used snipe or sneak abilities. I was able to finish till the fourth monster very easily.
Also I like to play with Death Monster though I didn't use him a lot but at some places for me he did an amazing job. Let's say if you are playing the SUPER SNEAK or the MELEE MAYHEM then I use Haunted spirit or Animated Corpe (if my opponent is fond of magic. haha) as a hand I put "SPINEBACK" coz he got amazing speed with good attack. and then I place the "MINOTAUR" so in melee mayhem. it just cleaned my enemy back.well I can use it in super sneak too but I think magic works good in sneak.
For me, the spider also did a great job. like it hits and then it applies poison too. so, it's great to go with the spider. And in low Mana battles, I take a risk with Undead priest like it decreases the health so it's easier to penetrate at the second position.

Thanks for Reading !

Source -- SM


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What a great explanation of your battle! And thank you for the other little tips using the Death Splinter!