Splinterlands. Oh happy day!

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Hello everyone!

Today I have a few moments that I want to share with you!

  • I feel myself super rich. Why? Because today I got 13k DECs in daily quest reward. I usually get around 10 Decs. But 13k DECs is 6,5 new untamed packs! Or around 32 Steems!

  • Okey, this fact and the next one maybe is super foolish and basic, so most of you already knew it, but after playing @splinterlands for about 9 months (Gosh, I am playing it already for 9 months, but I still myself super newbie) I learned it just today. So, amount of daily rewards depend on your CURRENT league. Exactly current, the league on the moment you finish your daily quest. Before I thought that it depends on your achieved league in the current season, but today I realised that I was mistaken. Or maybe I am still mistaken and the splinterlads was just super generous and gifted me so many nice stuff!

  • The last one! Today i found out how to check all my transactions in @splinterlands or @steemmonsters. Just login to https://peakmonsters.com/ Beside it, there are a lot of other functions like renting cards. I am still exploring that site.

And now I am waiting for the end of the season to get my season rewards. This season I am finishing again in Diamond III league!


If you don't play steemmonsters, so HURRY UP and join it now


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13k is a good amount of DEC