Steemmonsters. Day 1.

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Happy Sunday!

Yesterday I joined the Steemmonsters game.

Well, I am not a big fan of games and I am not so good in playing it except some of them haha. Anyways, as long as Steemmonsters are related to the Steemit, I am in!

I had a steemit account (well it is obvous), so I just logged in to the game with my account.

I read How to play, FAQ, posts of other players of steemmonsters etc.

And here are some tips or facts... or just the steps which I did...

How to start

Register a new account or use your exist steemit account

How to play

I went to the battle section, played a couple of practice battles, then switched to the ranked battles.

Ranked battles help to increase your rank and to get some gifts when the season will be over (at least, I believe so haha, There are about 13 days left till the season will be over. So we will see after 2 weeks)

Beginner's pack

Well, It was a big question should I actually buy it or not. But I did it! It costs 10$. I payed via PayPal, cuz I have some dollars there and I don't know how to withdraw them hah.

So, what does beginner's pack give you?

  • First of all, you can do a daily quests and get a random card.

  • You get DEC for the each battle you win (*but I am not sure what DEC is it. But I saw that you can buy something for you DECs)

So, I finished today quests and get a new card. It is my first owned card in the game.


My rank is going up and down, cuz unfortunatelly, sometimes I lose the game...

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За дек можно делать покупки внутри игры, а можно сами эти кристаллы продавать на стим-энджине. Есть ещё совсем экзотические варианты: вступить в гильдию и платить взносы с помощью дек))

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