Steemmonsters Weekly challenge : Death Splinter

in #steemmonsters10 months ago

Today I had the Death splinter for my daily quest so I thought this post was fitting :)

I had a bunch of battles to choose from but finally choose this one.
Normally on a 15 mana ruleset I prefer Haunted Spirit, Twisted Jester, Haunted Spider. Alas the ruleset also forbid me from using ranged monsters so the Jester and Spider were out.
The ruleset was also Armored up so I decided to use magic abilities instead of attack abilities. I probably would have gone for the grumpy dwarf and skeleton assassin if I had not choose these cards. I decided on the banshee for the 2 magic and then put the fallen specter next to protect it a little better from sneak attacks then round out my lineup with the undead priest because it had more health, I would have put a chicken at the very end if I was paying attention and probably will do that next time. This combination worked well as the magic cut down my opponents haunted spirit and hydra really quick.

I use the death splinter only when it comes up in quests.


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Great explanation. I'd love to see more 'formatting' done to the post. Make it something you would come across and be like, "OMG! This is amazing!" I know you can do it. 😍

And, new this week (so it's been missed by all but ONE so far...) we'd like you to TAG (using a #) SPLINTERLANDS. Like this >>> #splinterlands when sharing to Twitter or wherever. This will help more people find the game and ensure more people to battle!

Gave you a little love this week. Hope to see improvements next time!
Thanks for playing!