Thorns ability

in #steemmonsters10 months ago (edited)

I have seen a few posts about people displaying their favorite battle that included the thorns ability. I decided I would share a battle I used it in today.

Here is the battle I was in with @byzantine-heron.

It was a melee mayhem battle so all of the melee attacking monsters would attack the first monster of the opponent.

I decided to use the spineback first and sea monster second because the spineback had a shield and would deflect some of the damage right from the start and had thorns so would give damage back to every melee attack lodged against it. I was hoping that the spineback's thorns would destroy a few of my opponents melee attack monsters. @byzantine-heron surprised me by only having 1 melee attack monster. My thorns helped defeat his turtle faster.

The spineback is the only card I have the has thorns and I don't use it as often as I use the sea monster unless I have a 20 mana or less cap.

I forgot the link to my battle originally.


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