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RE: Splinterlands: Helping Small Players Get Land

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if i buy plots, what are lottery tickets for?


There are two different types of "lottery tickets."

#1. If you try to buy land from the normal website, there are currently 7 regions worth of land available. If there is demand for more than that, all entries are entered into a lottery and not everyone will get the land that they wanted. So with the website, you are securing a lottery entry right now (as opposed to guaranteed land).

Those who failed in the first lottery do have access to guaranteed regions (like in the case of Minnow Pool). So in that case, we are guaranteed a region and don't have to go through the uncertainty of the lottery system.

#2. A separate issue are "raffle tickets." In January there will be a raffle where each raffle ticket gives you the chance to win various prizes. You can see the list of prizes here:
"In total, the raffle will offer over 50,000 prizes with an estimated retail value of over $100,000 - and that doesn't even include the potential market value of the totems!"