Splinterlands Daily Quest Giveaway (Get a Free Card) - Day: 32 (PUT ON HOLD)

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Splinterlands Daily Quest Giveaway (Get a Free Card) - Day: 32 (PUT ON HOLD)

Hello, My Steem Friends!

** UPDATE **

So, I have been giving away cards for the last 30 days. WOOT! However with the new steem monsters update and the lack of cards in the daily quest, Urgh.. it's hard to keep doing this. I get like 1 or 2 cards and potions. I don't want potions or the DEC, just the cards.. but hey. It how it goes right?

So, I am sad to say I will be putting this give away on hold for now. Perhaps I can start to do a season give away, or a weekly thing for Steem monsters. IDK.. still sorting it out.

For now, here is the last winner and their card!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  • Today's winner: @gregory-f (68)
  • They Selected: The Baby Unicorn


Verfiable transation the card was sent


Past Winners

Thank you for playing, I will tag you all when I have another giveaway.






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