New splinter to invest on Splinterlands

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Hi Steemit Friends,

After a weekend of rest and thinking, I will look to invest by getting a new splinter for Splinterlands. Since the beginning of the game, I only worked on getting my fire and water teams up to speed but have neglected the rest of the others. I have noticed this in particular when I am missing out on those daily rewards if the splinter shown isn't something I have.

When check what I can afford to add on to what I have, the alpha and beta cards seem to be out of reach due to the increase in prices. In the meantime, I am looking at Untamed summoners which are still affordable. I am not sure which splinter I will work on but will not be water or fire as that would defeat the purpose. At most I can buy enough for a level 3 summoner with the DEC I have plus whatever I can afford on the Steem Engine market. It will be the beginning of a new investment (and I am enjoying the game) hoping it will pay off in the future.

untame sum.png


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