Splinterlands Minotour warlord card - up 30%

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Hi Steemit Friends,

Just yesterday I purchase a minotour warlord legendary card from the market at just over $2.80 and paid DEC for this purchase. The reason I purchased this card is I have 2 of them already and this 3rd one will help me level this epic card to the next level. Remember my aim was to start building a new team so this is the start of this new target. A small investment on a good card can go a long way.

Why is that? Not only the card is powerful when put with the correct lineup, it will probably be a valuable card down the track when the game gets big! Just looking at the price I purchased this at $2.80, today the card is already selling at $4! That is a 30% increase in just over a day. Where can we get an investment with that sort of gain in a short period of time? Not to mention that this card is a legendary and they are limited. I will continue to be on the lookout for some cool cards now that I am looking to expand my collection outside of my main splinters.




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