Splinterlands rewards - cards or other goods?

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Hi Steemit Friends,

Since the new reward system introduced on Splinterlands, I have been getting mixed feelings in the beginning. Some days I would get a few DEC from each chest and didn't even have a chance of getting a single card. Not sure if getting that is better a 1c card we don't need in return under the old system. Other days a get a gold card after having those potions activated when I open the chests.

Look at my rewards today. Not a single card. Damn! I did get a chest with over 200 DEC in there. Not a lot but probably better than a 1c card? It can go towards my funds to upgrade my current deck or get a new card. What do you prefer? I think I will get a better idea after another season with the flip rate then be able to find a balance where I stand.

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