Strike gold on Splinterlands!

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Hi Steemit Friends,

If you have remembered I have bought some potions to open rewards to try my luck 2 days ago. Unfortunately the first round of reward was break even with 2 potions left for the next opening. This normally happens when buying potions, you either not get anything or you get something which most time you don't get much to make your money back. As I broke even over my first opening, I didn't think much for the one yesterday but only to find a gold card that is worth over $11!

Check this out! I have got my first gold imp bowman and this card at the moment is worth over $11 on the market. The investment I bought with potions is now made up well over what I paid. I won't be selling anytime soon as it will be useful for my fire splinter and I am still saving up these gold cards! What a great start to the weekend!

gold strike.png


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