Upgraded my gold kobold miner

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Hi Steemit Friends,

It is time to upgrade my gold kobold miner. I bought one some time ago but have forgotten about it. I was supposed to check out the prices and buy another one if it drops. Unfortunately this have been done but this was now upgraded today with DEC earned from playing my daily quests and sell/burning cards. The card was just over $1.30 which was acceptable for an upgrade.

Remember if you use gold cards to play and if you win that match, you get extra DEC. My aim for investing in gold cards still continues and it is worth the wait to buy the cards from the market. With the new reward system coming, I am not sure how this will impact my gold search but I will continue to make my decks better. There are a few more cards I want to upgrade from my fire team until I move onto maybe upgrading them further or start on building a new splinter.

gold upgrade.png


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