My Season Card Rewards and Starting to regret buying those potions!

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Well I've been looking forward to this day (opening my season rewards) for almost a week now and boy was I veryyyyyyy disappointed lol.

I don't normally hold such high expectations on what card I would get since I'm already pretty content on what little DEC's I get daily from just doing the daily quests but after purchasing the 50% Legendary Potion and 50% Gold Foil Potion to increase the legendary and gold drop rate a week ago, I honestly thought that I would finally be able to pull at least one pretty good card today.


The highest league I had also reached last season was Gold I, a league I haven't stepped into after four seasons so I really thought luck will be on my side today but unfortunately it wasn't. Even with the two potions, my season rewards from last season were just the usual common cards I would get daily from completing my daily quests.


I did get 1 Epic card and my second Furious Chicken which can still fetch a good price in the market. XD Although again I was really expecting at least 1 or 2 good cards.

Anyways, after 8 days and after opening 72 cards (including the season rewards), the potions only yielded me 1 Gold Vampire to which I think I would get even without the help of those potions. LOL

Although I still have 428 Charges left, I really am now starting to regret buying those potions as I don't see any difference after pulling cards for 8 straight days.


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