My SteemMonsters Adventure: Gold I and my first Chicken!

in steemmonsters •  9 months ago 

After four seasons (I repeat 4!), I have finally made it once again and had successfully reached the Gold I leagues guaranteeing me now with 30 reward edition cards as season rewards which will end tomorrow.


Not sure if I was just lucky or not but most of my matches these past few days have been against players with battle rating of ~1000-1200 which would probably be the main reason why I reached Gold I this season. I did expect that players who have given me a hard time in the Gold leagues (players with powerful summoner cards) would move on to the Diamond leagues but didn't expect that almost most of them would move on. Lol

Anyways, I also got my first ever Chicken card pull yesterday after almost 2 weeks of waiting. XD


Along with the 2 new rare cards which is generously worth around $0.3-$0.36 USD in the market at the moment. I immediately sold those two cards since I expect them to lower in value tomorrow with the end of the season.

As for my 50% Enhanced Legendary and 50% Gold Foil Chances potions, I am now really starting to regret buying those potions LOL as it seems there is no increase in the drop rates. (Maybe the potions I bought expired? XD)

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