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Upcoming Matchmaking Changes

in steemmonsters •  9 months ago  (edited)

There are three individuals that have access to portions of my teams’ accounts (myself, my little brother, and my childhood friend Matt) while I actively oversee the whole group. We all play with only gold foils for the most part and play in the silver leagues and the Gold III league when we make it there. Our playable cards are all housed under the @jonnyla08 account and delegated out to the others out of fear of ever having log in issues with the other accounts. (I won’t lose mine...). Those accounts are as follows:
@monstermadness - Matt’s account
@just4kicks46 - My little brother’s account

I also have a separate account called @dusthero that is used (from a Steem Monsters perspective) solely for housing max level cards we rent out. This account does not play at all nor do we have any present intentions of using this account to play in the foreseeable future.

Thank you.

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