Splinterlands Fantasy Story and Music Contest // Week 12 === A beautiful tale of Lyanna Natura

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She would emerge a divine being, protector of the forest, everything walks in peace with her harp sings melodies that exalt the surreal beauty even more. But peace and transient in this forest, must face different dangers at all times, Humans, Mermaids, Elves, even the nymphs gave themselves up to perdition and needed a lesson.
Does the forest live in it as it lives in the forest, will there ever be room for a great love?
She begins to have visions of a past life, where a human was a despicable race for her, but opinions change and changed when she met the human who snatched her heart.

Hours after the human being sighted on the beach, the forest remains intact the cycle of life continues, some live little like the butterfly, but have managed to go through all phases of life and on their last day fly by going beyond obstacles. Others live very forget the hours, days, weeks, months, years, the image of immortality runs through their veins, but not everything and forever and when they least expect they are sitting in the armchair of the judgment about to suffer for eternity.

Lyanna continues her chores by sowing seeds, purifying waters, giving birth to springs, helping animals. This was her life, the forest lives in her as she lives in the forest. The fairy played her harp on a tree, her white dress was huge and almost reached the ground, she was blessed by beauty, while the melody rang through the corners, the animals gathered around the tree, were many, at that moment the prey and hunting did not exist, Minotaurs sat together with Satyrs, Harpies, Ogres, and the animals present in the forest to the demons that appear in the dead of night, appeared briefly, Nymphs of the west side appear small and flying around the fairy accompanying with their flutes, they sat all stood side by side, feeling the melody in their hearts.

The bundles of sunlight dawned the forest and exalted that sacred moment, a blue glow dominated the sky for a few moments, the little blue polka dots gleaming like floating diamonds began to spring from the earth, they were all delighted. This was the work of the superior, the supreme divinity of the forest.

Lyanna's light fingers touched lightly on the lines of the harp, as if at every touch an explosion of feeling takes place within everyone.

And then the song stopped the Harp turned into a twig, and her long hair was in the wind as she flapped her wings toward the sky, everyone screamed as loud as they could, it was like clapping.

Flying up the mountain from the forest, her wing-beating was quick, she was wanting to get to her goal quickly, and then reached the peak of the mountain, and saw a forest, sheep walked towards the fence made by the hands of a satyr, many they must think that the forest is there for all. But only divine beings can pass between the mountain, it seems a mirage a simple house of wood almost falling apart. She flies toward that place, And a satyr touches the sheep with a huge staff in their hands. He was Cietro God of the woods and pastures, protector of shepherds, came to the world with horns and goat's legs a satyr, looked like an old man with the soul of a young man. She then landed at a considerable distance from him, and the north wind pierced them, it was a sign that Sairia was no longer the ultimate being
authority, these places of deities were the places of the Gods for perdition, nymphs of the Earth and Air, powerful by their beauty became objects of pleasure for them.

He walked putting the sheep in the pen. He turned to Sairia and approached her.

"The land that treads, thanks even your sweet feet even bewildered beauty.

She smiled.

"Your praise always graces me." -

"You and I will have everything." He pointed to his lands.

"I'm married to the forest and the animals." -

"I'm half animal," he said with a laugh.

A human stepped on and continued. Did the Forest accept him? - Said being direct.

And then with difficulty resting on the staff, he walked to the humble house and the door opened.

"Enter my beloved." His hands pointed to the door.

Sairia came in and the door closed and carried the noise of the wind of the birds and the sheep, no sound coming in or out.

-A human on divine soil.

"Some worthy pastors come here in their exchange of dimensions.

-Troma of dimensions? He looked at her curiously. "Has death already changed its name?"

"You and young my dear, enjoy your life time, before they discover your beauty.

"They suckled her out of fear of adultery," she whispered into his ear, running a hand over her shoulders.

And when you try to fight back you will have to kneel, because you will not have power that will overcome a Goddess.

"Why did the forest accept you?" He cut the subject again.

"And if that human has in his veins the blood of a God?" He walked over to the table and poured milk into a glass.

"You were a savage an admirable huntress, but you were tamed by the forest." He placed half of the milk in another glass.

-I admire a good huntress. -

"Become a fairy."

"I did not feel power in your body," he said, refusing the invitation with his head.

"If you like, I'll show you how and a body with power, you can touch it, satisfy me -

-You Gods are disgusting-

He laughed as he drank the milk.

"Did it offend me?" -

"You do not need me here to be offended. -

The fairy turned to open the door.

"If he's a demigod, pray that he's not a descendant of Olympus." He drank the milk in the other glass.

-I have to go. - He left.

When he turned he was in front of her. A few inches face to face.

"You're always welcome," he said, smiling with the few teeth he had that were rotten.

She fluttered her wings and flew up the mountain.

And after a few minutes she saw the forest, her thoughts are notorious, she feels everything in the forest but the presence of the human, she never felt it however she feels everything in the forest, miserable animals that she is, she knows where they are, feeling the human was maddening.


She lands on her tree and screams with her wide eyes.

The human was lying on her bed.

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