End of the season rewards + SM common cards giveaway

in #steemmonsterslast year (edited)

My rewards for the last season of steemmonsters were good. But there is one problem. It's hard to be excited about common cards. I decided to bring at least a little excitement back by giving some of them away.

All you have to do is to choose a common card from my end of the season rewards and write it's name in the comments section. In 7 days I will randomly choose two winners and they will receive their cards.

No upvote / resteem / following is necessary to participate.

It's my first giveaway. Let's see what comes of this.

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Skeletal warrior is a cool Lookin fella.

Yeah, but it's rare! For now I only giving away common cards 😈😂

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Wood Nymph plz
Thanks for the chance

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Wood Nymph.

Wood Nymph thanks

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wood nymph please

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