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RE: Can you beat my monkey? He might be little, but he packs a punch!

in #steemmonsterslast year

I'm finding a nice thorny Enchanted defender is good Opportunity insurance. Keeps my other low mana cards alive, and dishes out the retribution.


Once again, a card I have but only at lvl 1. What's its mana cost? 8?? Little High for today's battle, but yeah you're spot on.

I'm still 99% of the time sticking to Alpha/Beta cards when selecting fighting decks. I'm still getting my head around all these new reward cards too and where they best slot in to my stratagies.

Only 4 mana. You get him in orbs. You can max one out for $21 just buying off the market, so only 3-4c each. Instead of wrecking your back row, and growing their health via Scavenge they just get wrecked on the thorns.