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RE: Can you beat my monkey? He might be little, but he packs a punch!

in #steemmonsterslast year (edited)

Lol to the monkey. And it is impressive how you have created your battle post. I love your thumbnails but the post is also really nicely styled. This is top notch.

Tip: On you can grab the images for all cards, including the stats for each level. Just search for your card, right-click on its image and copy the image address.

Like this:

To change the image to the correct level, simply change the number at the end of the link to the level you want.

Like this:



I did see that they did leave a link to that page in the blog, but found the instructions they left harder to follow than yours.

You've made it far easier for me to get the pictures I want now. Thanks for that brilliant tip.

Glad you liked the blog too 😉