Splinterlands/Steem Monsters Success

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If some Steemian asked you one year ago will you invest in Steem Monsters cards you would probably say, maybe a little, or probably not because you're not a gamer. Here we are close to one year after and Steem Monsters cards maintained their value and increased their value, Steem on the other hand dropped 10x since then. What if you had invested all that extra Steem Power you had back then into Splinterlands, well you would approximately have 2x or 3x value today. At the time we were petty confident that Steem would not drop below 1$ ever again. Ain't it funny this market, you, me, we will be wrong 90% of the time. Market is a beast you cannot tame and have expectations about, it goes where it pleases.


Steem Monsters is something very different, it is a first blockchain game that made a whole economy from nothing, when you consider that the game is built on Steem which went down 10x since the game's inception, but somehow the game increased in value and keeps on going strong is a sign that this game might be the one of the rare Crypto projects worth investing into, in fact this game is better than 95% of crypto projects out there. Just take notice that 300.000 alpha packs were sold long time ago, only 70.000 beta packs are left from 900.000 initial supply. This game is still very young but it keeps on improving and getting better.


Dark Energy Crystals, ingame currency and tradeable token on Steem Engine right now holds value better than SBD. Dark Energy Crystals can be used for everything, you can buy cards, orbs, potions, donate to guilds, and who knows how many uses they will have in the future. There are tournaments where you can go and win prizes, ranked system will give you new cards daily, at the end of the season you will get a lot of cards which you can combine, melt to DEC or sell on the markets. There are signs all over the place that Steem Monsters is something special.


Holding Fire Beatle is better than holding Ethereum, there I said it!


Plus constant development, more features for guilds and mobile app :) They're nailing it.

Hands down the best project on Steem.

I am so happy that I flipped most of my remaining Steem Power a year ago into cards. Best financial decision of my life.

Wish I did that too, but who knows we might see Steem recovery down the line.

Yeah the market is really UNTAMED

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Coming soon. It's gonna be sweet.

This is so awesome and true! They say don't put all of your eggs in one basket, especially in crypto but my Splinterlands basket is looking awesome, LOL! The best crypto game I know!

Probably the best basket in all of crypto.

The Best game on Blockchain. Its fun, interesting and adventurous. And you can earn a bit also so that's great. Soon more features will be added, i'm just waiting for guild wars.

I definitely agree, the best blockchain game today. Smartphone app and new packs will only help in popularity, expect to see 2k more active players, at least.

Let's see what new packs will bring, but its for sure game is getting players at a steady rate and there is going to be a kick starter soon. so lets hope more players join in.

I am So glad I Have MORE Value in my Monsters than my STEEM Power is Worth Currently. Another Big Benefit of The Monsters is That I Make More VALUE with Them Everyday than I Do Writing my BLOG........Very Nice Post @moon32walker

Another interesting aspect of Steem Monsters, ability to earn more than blogging. Lately I'm still doing okish with my posts, but my SM cards are closing in fast. It is hard to break the new voting curve without strong votes.

I'll be getting 100 more packs before they disappear forever! Just waiting.. a little longer.

Me too, waiting a little more. We could get beaten by few whales though.

It could happen, not sure why I'm waiting tbh!

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