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Shrooming Gold Golem • Kill Of The Day

Kill Of The Day goes to my Mushroom Seer for shrooming @epicteam's Golden Flesh Golem to knock out a hefty chunk of gold!

Mushroom Seer.png

Diamond League I

I'm back in Diamond League I. "Diamonds are forever"... or at least until the season reset in 2 days!

Diamond I.jpg

The Lineup

Under Target Practice and Broken Arrows rules, my Earth Team was well-positioned to reflect magic snipers with my Lord Arianthus in the 2nd position. 4 magic attackers on the opposite side met their demise with reflected attacks.


Check out the battle here:

Battle Replay

Get in the game and earn daily rewards!

Fire Demon.png

Steem Monsters

Earn Dark Energy Crystals and buy Essence Orbs!


Essence Orbs

Get into the tournaments and win $$!



Thank you @aggroed and @yabapmatt for creating Steem Monsters.


Thanks for the art @overkillcoin... minnows, dolphins, whales... I’m down with squid!

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