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Wood Nymph Guts Cocatrice • Kill Of The Day

Kill Of The Day goes to my Wood Nymph for blasting @marabara's slippery Cocatrice.

Wood Nymph.png

Diamond League II

Diamond League II is getting tough with players moving up the ranks.

Diamond II.jpeg

The Lineup

My Earth Team defeated the dodgy Cocatrice and was able to cleanup the rest of the opposing Earth Team for the win.


Check out the battle here:

Battle Replay

Get in the game and earn daily rewards!

Fire Demon.png

Steem Monsters

Earn Dark Energy Crystals and buy Essence Orbs!


Essence Orbs

Get into the tournaments and win $$!



Thank you @aggroed and @yabapmatt for creating Steem Monsters.


Thanks for the art @overkillcoin... minnows, dolphins, whales... I’m down with squid!

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