My Rusty Android giveaway was such a resounding success I'm going to offer another.

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The Prize: Rusty Android, Undead Minotaur, Silvershield Archer! A $0.04value - in pennies.
To enter please just add your name to the comment section.
Now that's a penny right there.
Rusty Android.png

Not to be outdone I'm throwing in an Undead Minotaur. 2 pennies.

Undead Minotaur.png
Last but not least the Silvershield Archers Another penny

Silvershield Archers.png

Just leave your address name in the comment section and next Sunday I'll select a winner. I'll only have one winner this time because I have only Beta Selenia lvl 1 to get rid of. Oh yeah, you need to request the Selenia in order to get it with your prize. (That way I know you read all of this.)

Happy gaming and have a great day.



Good Morning,
@handtalk5 read all of that and would like the Selenia very much. 🐉

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@poyim would love to win a Selenia. :D

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@gregory-f and I'll take the Selenia since you want to get rid of it.

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@shyaren ha, nice trickster! Would like a selenia aswell :)
Funny how theres more comments after you did the 'it was only a 22$ giveaway' post :p

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I'm just pointing out that all giveaways are valuable.

It brings up the point of being downvoted for a low-value post.

I'm afraid that's my fault indirectly. I resteemed your post, then @ranchoturd downvoted it because he 's angry that he can't rape and pillage steemit whenever he wishes to anymore.

One of the reasons I do this the way that I do is to point out the downvotes. I find them unwarranted if not silly. To spread and grow that sediment is part of the process.

oooooh, a Beta Selenia. That would be cool indeed. My splinterlands name is the same as here: @tillysfamilyfarm

Pretty sure I read everything, but I haven't had my coffee yet so.... heh

Selenia requested!!! (i read it all!)