There is always room for the Gelationous Cube.

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Did you miss out on Bucket Head?
I remember this time last year when Bucket Head (Lord Arianthus) was selling for about 40 cents. I remember someone
remarking in discord when it neared one dollar that she wished she had purchased more. (March)
I got a few.

Now Ol' Bucket Head is selling for $7.80
That's quite a rise. No dought this do-nothing monster is worth it. I wish I had more.

Now I can! Not Bucket head but the Gelatinous Cube. It does even less.

Gelatinous Cube.png

Just put it out front. And wait for the wins to pile up.

At only 4 cents you get a steal. This is not financial advice mind you any card you buy might turn into a Rusty Android.
It's worth more than 6 Mana in my opinion especially if used in higher Mana games.

Do the math. How many Maxed cards can there be?
How many Maxed Bucket Heads can there be?

Just for your information.



I completely agree! Cube has been the all star of many matches since it came to the scene. I’ve partnered it with Lord A a few time to get astonishing results. It’s one of the new cards I’m eyeing.

I found the Cube a week or so ago. Wow, this thing is great.

Lol. I put LA in front with cube in 2nd during a match wherein the opponent had a lot of magic. It was obscene!

I also won @clove71's battle of the week with a team that had the cube. It didn't last long and I got ridiculously lucky... and I do mean ridiculously, but it did it's job! I’ll link it below if you want to check it out.

That's too lucky!

Lol! Yeah. Absurd, really.

especially if you see they don't use much sneak.

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This is the Cube match this post deserves. The son of a bastard is relentless.

If this doesn’t sell folks on it nothing will. It carried the whole match!