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Hello hello Steemians

Splinterlands have been really addictive. Both in terms of enjoying and earnings as well and most importantly they do know how to take out our money from our pocket lol jk . While if you get addicted then it is certain you might have been investing in this game and if not then you are probably running after a heron account. Whatever the case maybe it is good to see such accomplishment done by the team of Splinterlands.

CROSSED 1K (2).jpg

While it have been quite great so far in Splinterlands and trying to get some cards to level up my splinters, so far it is going great and let's see how much do I invest more in this game.

While as you probably have already heard about the next airdrop card that will happen ASAP. Which is Diamond Dragonand some of the features are pretty cool tbh. Let's see who are those lucky folks to get hands on those Dragons !! Fingers Crossed

Earlier in the title of the post I was talking about crossing 1k USD, that was of about my main account balance of Splinterlands account. I know I know it is not close to anything for many out there but come on this is kind of cool thing for me as I was not really into splinterlands but see where I am going now ;)

Apart from all these things are getting interesting in here and over all it is not only about investments, it is about dedication, sincerity and most of all believeing in Steem Blockchain. As of now in this bear market this is what we all need for our community.

That is it for today !!
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Way to go mate, I'm giving it a run myself, rented some cards and trying to improve my game. Keep it up champ!

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awesome - mine is up to $500+ , just from playing a retarded game LOL (well, i did throw a couple $trx at the beta seed thing) but mostly just from playing - and dumping $dec for $trx here and there supports the dumb $trx games LOL

Congrats for this important mile stone!


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