I just dropped 5,400 Steem on Splinterland Cards! WTF...

in steemmonsters •  7 months ago 

At this point I believe more in the @steemmonsters cards than steem. I've always wanted these cards and think better grab than now before they go even higher now that Beta is sold out.

Now I'm going to feel a little better on my daily high mana quests.

What do you think?

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greetiongs, @reseller

you are very rich, man!!! Congratulations for this decision!

That's a good move. I see cards value going up and never coming down.

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Damn bro, going beast mode!

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That's allot of Steem but those cards will help you win it back + hold value for future reselling. ... Good luck with your investment.

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Goodluck with your investment.
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Perfect investing!

I’m jealous.

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That's a lot of steem. I blew some steem on steem monster starter packs. Are those going up in value? I never learned to play the game. !BEER

The Prince is awesome. I don't have the Peakrider yet.

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These are some really nice cards, unfortunately a little bit out of my price range, but I can live with the regular summoners :D

Also I think that all Beta cards are a good investment aswell at the moment.

Hey @reseller, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Calm down now XD

Good move imho, i bet that you will get some nice returns from that invesment of steem, my thoughts are same than yours, at this moment is more "safe" having your money in SM than in steem itself.

Dang! I guess if you got it might as well spend it. I can't imagine having that kind of disposable Steem to play around with! Congrats on the acquisitions! Hopefully I never come up against you in ranked battles!

Nice! You need these cards for sure, they are awesome! What a great investment!
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