Cards Giveaway #4 Sea Monster

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Hello Steem Splinters! Another Giveaway for you!


@contestkings official rules:

leave a comment why you want to win, and tag your random friend on Steemit!

no upvote, follow or resteem required. Just comment! @contestkings rules!

Winners will be randomly chosen at post payout! Good luck everyone! First six winners will recieve card in the order the are on the screen!

And the winner is


Still not in the rumble?

In order to start playing u need to buy a starter-kit via the link




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I have only three cards thats why I want to win :) @detlev

you sold all the other or burned them? you can't even play anymore??? why ?

I have only three of them because I did not buy start package yet I am going to do it soon

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Много карт никогда не бывает. Мой друг @dobroman

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Хорошие карты нужны всегда ! @ monsterstamer.

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I have just started and can not upgrade the level.

That's why I participated in the tournament but just lost.

I want a high level card.

I have no money and no card.
So I want to collect and play one

I have no money
And no card. So I want to
Collect and play one

                 - steemizm

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I have few cards.

@javiermurillo @xulia

always wanting cards to level up

I love this game.

I'm a lucky girl.

Thanks a lot

I like win

I love this cards

I am newbie

Hola quisiera ganar esa carta porque es una de las que no tengo en un nivel alto, y quisiera subirla porque tiene mucha potencia.


La que quiere progresar en la Vida

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I am a new player if the game, that's why I would like to win @rogercomedy

@rollie1212, I am passionate about this Gaming Journey.

Tagging @ravisarikonda.

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I need to win it to win my first tournament!

Hi, @rollie1212!

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I need to build my deck! @kungpaocrypto

i have to upgrade my deck and earn DEC

I have this card at level 3 and would love to level it up to a higher level


Player @itharagaian would love to get any of those, as brand new in game, anything is welcomed to boost his deck